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To ensure we match the right employee to the right job opportunity, we utilize a variety of resources to screen and select the appropriate candidate. Some of those resources are listed below. We will also accommodate any special selection criteria that your company may require. 

Employee Screening and Testing

GoodWork Staffing uses stringent guidelines to screen prospective employees so that we can deliver a high-quality, stable workforce to you. To ensure an accurate fit for your workforce criteria, we use eEmpACT Staffing Software to evaluate a prospective employee’s level of knowledge, capabilities and skills at the onset of the application process. When our clients provide us with personalized company requirements, we will replicate all the screening, testing, orientation, safety and hiring processes that are mandated.

Extensive Employee Interviews

In-depth, personal interviews are conducted with each applicant to assess his or her educational background, work history, career goals and individual motivations.

Employee Testing & Training

Prove-It Skills Assessment Testing allows us to test and verify each jobseeker’s skills as stated on their application. This same testing software also enables us to provide training for applicants who wish to improve their skills. Additional testing can be provided to meet your company’s needs. If your company is using a specific set of tests as part of the screening process, GoodWork Staffing can administer these tests as part of our process for qualifying employees for your assignments.

Drug Screening and Background Checks

GoodWork Staffing is versatile in our abilities to provide custom screening strategies to pre-screen candidates, ensuring they are of the best quality and capable of meeting the requirements of each client. Drug testing and nationwide background screening is available upon request.

New Hire Orientation

New employee orientations are held weekly to explain our policies and procedures and details of the positions to be filled. We also explain the unique relationship between GoodWork Staffing, our clients, and the employee to avoid co-employment issues.