We know that finding the right IT talent for your organization can take a lot of time and energy, especially when there are more IT positions than qualified candidates to fill them.  Over the past two years, GoodWork Staffing has successfully partnered with Bank of America and the City of Charlotte by placing interns at Bank of America to give students experience and exposure to work in the financial industry. Based on this same business practice, GoodWork Staffing would like to create a partnership within your company to support Goodwill’s IT graduates who have completed training and certification in SalesForce Administration, Web Development and Quality Assurance Analyst. 

Goodwill’s IT students must go through a rigorous vetting process to be accepted into its training classes. Our IT partnership brochure provides an overview of the application process and current courses. After graduation, the IT graduates need to gain real-world experience rather quickly by working in an IT environment.  We are asking for your help to increase the possibility that these IT graduates will find gainful employment in technology and will help fill the IT skills gap present in the Charlotte region.  These students have made the commitment, gained the knowledge and now they need your support to take the next step.

How It Works

  • We will coordinate an interview between you and the IT graduate
  • Once approved, the intern will begin working at your organization on the designated date
  • The intern will receive weekly coaching from their Goodwill career counselor
  • We request that you give the intern at least 30 hours of work experience each week
  • We request that your company allows the intern to work for at least 90 calendar days
  • GoodWork Staffing will be responsible for:
    • Requesting a nationwide criminal background check
    • Administering a pre-employment drug test
    • Paying the intern weekly by pay card or direct deposit
    • Being the employer of the intern throughout the internship
  • GoodWork Staffing will pay the intern $17/hour and will invoice your company at $22.95/hour (35% markup)
  • A representative of your company will approve the time worked prior to payment
  • The intern will only be paid for their time worked – no paid lunches, holidays or vacation
  • You are under no obligation to work with the intern if your expectations are not being met – just call GoodWork Staffing, and we will end the internship
  • After 90 days, if you decide that the intern has the ability to become a team member for your company, you are free to hire the intern at no additional cost
  • If more time is needed to make a hiring decision, GoodWork Staffing will transition the intern into a GoodWork Staffing contracted position with your company after 90 days


For more information about GoodWork Staffing’s IT candidates, please call Carol Ashby, Director of GoodWork Staffing, at 980-636-1217 or email her at