Caroline Mohr

Staffing Specialist, GoodWork Staffing – Gastonia

In May of 2018, Caroline began her first stint in the staffing industry by training and working as a staffing specialist in GoodWork Staffing’s Gastonia branch. With no previous experience in staffing, it did not take long for her to develop into an integral member of the team! In August of 2018, she became a full-time team member!

Caroline has 13 years of clerical and administrative experience which translated well into her role at GoodWork Staffing. She enjoys working with people, and her compassionate nature helps to fuel our mission of helping those in our community find and obtain family-sustaining employment.

In her spare time, Caroline enjoys spending time with her young daughter. They especially love to do crafts and give each other makeovers! Caroline considers her daughter the driving force behind this career change; all in an effort to make a better life for the two of them, while helping others to do the same!

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