A businessman and businesswoman shaking hands outside of GoodWork Staffing's main office.

Employee Selection

Employee Screening & Testing

  • GoodWork Staffing uses stringent guidelines to screen prospective employees so that we can deliver a high-quality, stable workforce to you. To ensure an accurate fit for your workforce criteria, we use eEmpACT Staffing Software to evaluate a prospective employee’s level of knowledge, capabilities and skills at the onset of the application process. When our clients provide us with personalized company requirements, we will replicate all the screening, testing, orientation, safety and hiring processes that are mandated.

Extensive Employee Interviews

  • In-depth, personal interviews are conducted with each applicant to assess their educational background, work history, career goals and individual motivations.

Employee Testing & Training

  • Prove-It Skills Assessment Testing allows us to test and verify each jobseeker’s skills as stated on their application. This same testing software also enables us to provide training for applicants who wish to improve their skills. Additional testing can be provided to meet your company’s needs. If your company is using a specific set of tests as part of the screening process, GoodWork Staffing can administer these tests as part of our process for qualifying employees for your assignments.

Drug Screening and Background Checks

  • GoodWork Staffing is versatile in our abilities to provide custom screening strategies to pre-screen candidates, ensuring they are of the best quality and capable of meeting the requirements of each client. Drug testing and nationwide background screening is available upon request.

New Hire Orientation

  • New employee orientations are held weekly to explain our policies, procedures and details of the positions to be filled. We also explain the unique relationship between GoodWork Staffing, our clients and the employee to avoid co-employment issues.

Recruitment Resources

GoodWork Staffing allows you to focus on your core business while our knowledgeable recruiters work to find you the best individual for the position. Our search for the best available employees is an ongoing process that carefully adjusts to the constant changes in the marketplace and applicant pool. As a division of Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont, GoodWork Staffing has the ability to draw potential employees from Goodwill’s vast network of regional industry contacts and resources.


GoodWork Staffing operates at the highest level of safety and expects the same of our employees. Our company requires a strong operational commitment to risk management and safety to give our customers peace of mind. As a business client, you have access to the resources developed and implemented by our extensively trained risk management staff. They are available to answer your questions about hiring processes, reporting requirements and handling accidents, as well as other areas of risk management.

Safety practices are critical to our hiring process. Safety instruction and training is provided to all prospective employees once they have completed the application process. Our risk management program standards include the following basic principles:

  • Safety orientations are mandatory for all new employees.
  • GoodWork Staffing promotes a drug-free workplace.
  • In an accident occurs, a GoodWork Staffing representative will visit the site to conduct an investigation and handle reporting requirements.
  • If an employee requires medical attention, a GoodWork Staffing representative will transport them to the nearest medical facility.